1. Q: Does the FlexiRamp™ Conversion affect the vehicle ride and handling?

A: No, unlike other conversions, FlexiRamp™ does not alter the vehicle suspension. Accordingly, the vehicle handles like the OEM.

2. Q: What is the cost of the FlexiRamp™ Conversion?

A: The MSRP for the standard conversion on the Long Wheelbase Transit is $ (TBD). The cost of Optional Equipment may vary depending on the vehicle being converted.

3. Q: Where can I see the FlexiRamp™ Conversion?

A: The FlexiRamp™ Conversion on the Ford Transit Connect is available through a select group of highly qualified vehicle converters and small network of dealers. Please contact us by email for dealer information.

4. Q: I am interested in becoming a FlexiRamp™ Dealer. What should I do?

A: Please contact us by email for information on becoming a dealer. Please include your city and state in the subject line.